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"You can play a lot with hops, there are many varieties, different aromas, different flavors, even different bitterness, it's not the easiest, but it's what gives the most possibilities to innovate", Adrián Head Brewer Cervecera Península

Take a look at our interview with Adrián Márquez, the Head Brewer of Cervecera Península. During our talk we talked about his career in the world of craft beers, from the beginning when he began his studies in Master of Brewery at the University of Alcalá, becoming a judge of the renowned international organization Beer Judge Certification Program - BJCP (in Spanish stands for Beer Judges Certification Program ), until he became the Leading Master Brewer of the Madrid Peninsula,

Also, during our conversation we talked about:

  • the routine of the process of making craft beers, from knowing the styles to experiencing the beer culture;
  • beer tastings, pairings and beer education work;
  • follow North American trends and adapt to the Spanish market;
  • the challenges of the national market and international recognition, generating visibility for Spanish beers;

About the Peninsula Brewery

cervecera peninsula_equipo de cerveceros

Peninsula was created in 2016 and is a brewery from Madrid, located in Alcobendas, inspired by the disruptive North American craft movement (passion for beers from the American West Coast) and the soul of the craft beer movement worldwide. Over the years, the brewery has been putting its passion into practice, creating original, creative and free beers, as they themselves say:

"We are a free brewery, without guidelines, with the commitment to always improve our processes and products. ENJOY THE RIDE."

Cervecera Península Black Pie Sour

More than 100 beers have already been created from this small project: Triple IPA with passion fruit juice (More passion less drama), Lager flavored with Yuzu (Yuzu Squeezer), a Sour inspired by a blackcurrant cake (Black Pie), and many other authentic concoctions.

In addition, the brewery has been receiving great awards: in 2016 it was awarded a gold medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge and in 2019, the same award, it was named as the Best Novel Brewery.

Discover our selection of Peninsula Beers!

Cervecera península

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