Cervezas de la Cata Online del mes de Marzo - Beer Sapiens

We did an Instagram Live with the Beer Sommeliers of @momentoscerveceros to talk about the Online Tasting of the month of March, the selection of beers and clarify beer doubts #beersapiens In the Beer Experience Pack we include 2 units of each of these beers:

▪️The incredible dwindling man: a Fruit IPA with mild bitterness, touches of tropical fruit and very light, from Bonvivant from Malaga.

▪️ Bagpipe: an award-winning American Amber Ale, fresh, but full-bodied, with a balance between the freshness provided by the hops and the sweetness of the caramel malts. An ingenious proposal from the Alicante residents of Althaia.

▪️Belgian Dubbel: beer with a toasted color and reddish reflections with brown and creamy foam, citrus and floral aroma thanks to coriander. Made by the Valencians Castrum.

▪️Golosa: an Imperial Stout with pure chocolate, coconut and marshmallows. An authentic liquid dessert without being excessive, made by the people of Madrid on the Peninsula.

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