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Hot days make us choose ccraft beers that are cooler, with a lower alcohol content, more carbonated and with a higher degree of drinkability. Cooling them helps us relieve the heat and enjoy the summer quietly, but in general beer was created to be enjoyed for its aromas and flavors, so it is important to find the ideal temperature to enjoy your delicious craft beers.

Here we list some tricks to keep your beers cool during the summer:

Mejor enfriar cervezas más pequeñas

Better to cool smaller beers: it's faster to cool 330ml cans of beer than a 1 liter bottle, plus they don't heat up as quickly since they have less quantity of product and they run out sooner ;)

Utilizar jarras con asa:

Use mugs with handles: the hand transfers heat to the glass and heats the drink faster. Polystyrene containers also help as they avoid contact with the hand and help maintain temperature.

Inmersión en hielo:

Ice immersion: putting beers in a container with lots of ice and water is effective in cooling them faster, if there is enough ice in the container, the beers will cool down within 10-15 minutes , but be careful.

NUNCA congelar las cervezas:

NEVER freeze beers: because it modifies their flavor and aromas, so it is better to be careful if we put them in the freezer so that they do not exceed 10-15 minutes inside.

A trick to chill my beers in 5 minutes!

Fill a bucket with ice and water enough to cover the beers, add a generous dose of salt and half a glass of alcohol...In 5 minutes your drink will be very cold!

¡Un truco para enfriar mis cervezas en 5 minutos!

⚠️ Extreme temperatures are a big problem: VERY cold beer hides many of its aromas and flavors. Cold temperatures slow the evolution of aromatic compounds, and by inhibiting the release of these compounds, their apparent aromas and flavors change radically, sometimes to the point that the beer can appear bland.

General Rules:

  • All beers should be served between 3.5 and 13°C;
  • Lagers (example Pilsner) are served colder than ales (example IPA);
  • Higher-proof beers are served less cold than lower-proof beers;
  • Darker beers are served less cold than lighter beers;
  • industrial lagers are served very cold;
  • the beer can be served a few degrees below the indicated temperature since the glass of the glass and the hand can add a few degrees more;

*Remember, these general suggestions are so that you have an idea of ​​how to chill a craft beer, in the end, as we explained, each style of beer follows a recommendation from serving temperature (according to its production and tradition), so there is no single perfect temperature for beers in general.

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