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There are a few days left until the holidays are over! And in Spain we are lucky, because Christmas lasts well into January, thanks to the visit of SS. MM. Magician Kings of the East. I don't know about you, but I love this tradition: wrap up warm to go see the parade, have a hot chocolate with churros afterwards, prepare the water and marzipan for the camels... and above all, the illusion of finding the gifts under the tree the next morning.

Neither kings nor three

¿Cual es tu Rey Mago? - De birras con los reyes magos

However, it took me a long time to find out that, about these gentlemen who entered my house every year, nowhere does it say that they were magicians or that there were three of them. How do you hear it? In the Bible they are described as “magi” (from the Greek magós, which also means “wise man”) but at no time are they spoken of as "Kings". Nor is it necessary that there were three. In fact, for the Armenians, there are twelve!, and each one has its name

We didn't know what they were called until the 8th century

It was in the 8th century that the names of three magi—Bithisarea, Melichior, and Gathaspa—appear in a chronicle known as Excerpta latina barbari. This chronicle was written by a Benedictine monk and theologian, Bede the Venerable, who said: “Melchior, an old man with white hair and a long beard of the same color; Gaspar, younger and blonde; and Baltasar, a black gentleman”, making them, in this way, the representatives of Europe, Asia and Africa, that is, of the races and, in addition, of the three ages of Man (youth, maturity and old age).

We do not know if this Benedictine monk had a divine revelation or a very detailed vision of the wise men, but since his order is the one that would found the Trappist monasteries a few centuries later, with its devotion to the manufacture of rich beers, for us it is a holy word!

They probably drank beer

I'm sure you weren't expecting it. But it makes a lot of sense. The Magi, according to the Bible, came from “East”: which, at the time, meant Babylon or Persia. And what was the alcoholic beverage of the region? Beer! We already told you about it in this article, but as a curious fact, the first cuneiform tablets where information on the supply of grain for brewers is collected are more than 4,400 years old.

Most likely, their majesties drank a “dark” beer brewed only with barley, as this was the cheapest and most popular (so popular that workers used to be paid with it). Although, if the Kings were Magi, that is, priests of some cult, they would have access to better quality beers, since this precious liquid was also used with a religious component and many temples had their own beer factory. beer for the ceremonies.

Which one is your Wizard King?

Another custom from our childhood is that we had to choose a Wizard King. Even if we wrote the letter for everyone, deep down you knew who your favorite was, and it was that one and no other, the one who left you exactly the gifts you had asked for.

And speaking of gifts… if you don't know what to give this year, or better yet, you want to give yourself a gift and you don't know exactly what, we have excellent news. This year the three Wise Men have passed by our premises a little earlier to leave us some packs of beers. Everyone has created their own batch of beer!

You just have to choose your favorite Wizard King.And if you don't have one, we've created a test with them so you can choose the pack that best suits your personality. Ready?

Which of these animals do you think is the most elegant?

  1. The horse
  2. The Camel
  3. The Elephant

If you had to choose a favorite style of craft beer, it would be…

  1. The Red Ale! I love its amber color and its ivory foam
  2. The blondes! I love Bock and Belgian beers
  3. The IPAS! All the exotic flavored beers drive me crazy

You have to buy the gift for your new nephew, what do you choose?

  1. Something practical: footwear or clothing, which you know you will wear for sure
  2. Children love sweets: a cake, a bag of sweets...
  3. Something super exotic that her parents wouldn't normally buy for her

Which characteristic do you look at the most when you have a beer?

  1. In the aroma: you can feel all the beer with just your nose
  2. In color: you love a nice golden hue against the light
  3. In texture: you love beers with body and a very dense foam

What is your favorite means of transportation?

  1. A motorcycle: at full speed and at your own pace
  2. A car: safe and without surprises
  3. A 4 x 4: to be able to go wherever you want regardless of the road

Which continent would you like to visit on your next vacation?

  1. Asia: a backpacking trip discovering new cultures
  2. Europe: there's nothing like relaxing on a Mediterranean beach
  3. Africa: you always dreamed of going on a safari and watching the sunset on the savannah

And if you stayed in Spain, which Andalusian city would you prefer to visit?

  1. Seville
  2. Cordoba
  3. Cadiz

You have to make a gift for your mother, what would you choose?

  1. A scented candle, ideal for the house
  2. A gold bracelet, sure hit!
  3. Some cosmetics, a quality cream or makeup

What is your favorite sub-style of Stouts?

  1. The Imperial Stouts, with a lot of body and foam (especially if they are accompanied by a good chocolate brownie!)
  2. I love Session Stouts, with little alcohol and a lot of flavor
  3. The Milk Stouts, with a different touch and a lot of power


A Majority: Your favorite wizard king is Gaspar. Traditionally depicted with a chestnut beard, and riding a horse, he is believed to have come from Asia (or present-day Arabia). He was formerly in charge of bringing clothes and useful gifts to the children. And he has created a pack for you that represents his personality: rigorously made, plural, close and delicious.

Majority of B: Your king is undoubtedly Melchior. The eldest of the three, and also the wisest. He is traditionally depicted with a long white beard, riding a camel, and tradition has it that he lived in Europe. He was also the king who brought sweets to children.In this pack there are not many sweets, but there is a selection of very balanced beers chosen with great care

Majority of C: Your king is Baltasar. And he doesn't miss us. In the polls he always comes out as the favorite king of the Spanish, and that traditionally was the one who left coal for the bad boys. He represented youth and strength, in fact, according to tradition, he came from Africa mounted on the back of an elephant. Interestingly, he did not begin to be represented as black until the fourteenth century when theatrical performances began to develop around the figure of him. In any case, the beers that Baltasar has chosen for his pack are as original and fun as he is.

Now that you have it clear, don't forget to buy your pack as soon as possible so that it arrives for that special night. Oh!, and you can ask us for a special text or letter that we will add to the package, so that the gift is even more special.

We hope that the Three Wise Men behave themselves and that the only thing black as coal under your tree is some delicious craft beers.


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