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Hi dude, do you want a beer? After everything we've talked about English beers we're sure you're looking forward to trying some. Don't worry, at beersapiens we have an extensive catalog of beers, Ale, Stout, Porter, and many other styles typical of the British Isles. As you know, all the beers we have are from Spanish breweries, which follow (and innovate) traditional recipes.

Here are some of our favorites:

Would you like a very English Pale Ale?

Bidassoa Gluten Free #1 Hoppy Pale Ale,

This is one of the widest styles and with the most options, but we can't help but recommend the Caleya Asturies Pale Ale, a top-fermented beer made with four types of malts or the Bonvivant Pico & Pale Pale Ale, which is a pale ale with a very transparent light copper color and low carbonation, ideal to drink with aperitifs

For those who can't or don't want to drink beers with gluten, we also have options: be sure to try the Bidassoa Gluten Free #1 Hoppy Pale Ale, a blonde beer, light and very fresh, bitter taste balancing soft notes of cereal and biscuit.

A classic "toast"?

Castrum's English Brown Ale is an excellent option for those looking for a beer that follows the classic English style: beer with a light brown color, almost amber, on the nose notes of biscuity and coffee and in the mouth marked caramel sweetness from the malt that lingers in the finish (low or unnoticeable roasted or bitter malt flavors - as it should be).

Is black beer your thing?

SanFrutos Ítaca Blueberry & Cocoa Stout

If you prefer dark, full-bodied beers, we suggest you try a special limited edition for the 2nd anniversary of the Murcian brewery La Ribera, La Ribera Robus Porter. You will also really like the Althaia Kraken Baltic Porter, a traditional style of beer from the Baltic Sea countries (hence the term Baltic for this Porter), which was born as a native and low-fermented version of imported English beers such as Brown or Imperial Stouts, this one in particular is complex and malty with flavors and aromas that remind us of black currants and dark fruits, as well like notes of caramel and nuts due to its deep toasting.

Finally, we also advise you to try the SanFrutos Ítaca Blueberry & Cocoa Stout , a classic basic stout beer, but with an exquisite touch of blueberries and cocoa: intense and aromatic , with aromas of liquor, coffee and oak wood. Notes of prunes and liquorice.

Anything stronger?

Finally, if strong beers are your thing, you'll love the Althaia Batiscafo Imperial Stout, with its almost chocolate brown color, the Dawat Toffee Imperial Stout, which leans more towards the flavor of toffee, or La Grúa Molotov Imperial Stout, aged 8 months in Jack Daniel's barrels.

And we cannot forget the delicious BarleyWine. From the already classic Duela English Barleywine (which is made only once a year and at harvest time), passing through the Scone Barley Wine, ending with a very special edition such as La Quince Black Barley Oloroso Barrel Aged , left to rest for 24 months in Oloroso barrels.

How to drink an ale

Nowadays, if you visit a pub in England and ask for a beer, they will look at you strangely and they will know that you come from abroad since the English ask for “ale”. We don't think you'll have that problem at home, but it will be a bonus if you explain to your friends the difference between an ale and a beer (which we'll tell you about here) or the origin of the word "ale" (which we'll tell you about here). count here)

Of course forget about drinking it in a chilled pitcher as is often served in many pubs around here Traditionally in England ales are served at room temperature or cellar temperature in each pub, which can naturally vary depending on the season of the year, but it is around 10 degrees. So we advise you to take the beers out of your fridge half an hour before consuming them, so that they warm up and you can appreciate all their nuances.

And of course, its standard proportion is the typical pub pint, no beers. It also has other types of beer glassware, but the pint format and its typical Snifter glass should not be missing. If you want to know more about the different types of beer glasses, we wrote an article about them.

Cómo se toma una cerveza inglesa

We hope to see you soon!


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