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Hello, friend beersapiens! Today we want to propose a very special plan. In this post we are going to give you recipes for cocktails that are prepared with beers. And no, we're not talking about that sugary (and quite disastrous!) concoction of adding lemonade or soda to a "commercial" beer. Beer gods spare us! What we want to offer you is to choose quality over quantity, one of the founding concepts of the craft brewing culture. That is to say, that you prepare delicious cocktails with quality drinks, both good craft beers and other alcohols, to create drinks that make you want to lengthen as much as possible

Historia de los cócteles

History of cocktails

Did you know that the first cocktail in history was served in a pharmacy? The origin of the cocktail dates back to the 19th century where a pharmacist from New Orleans named Antonio Peychaud used to offer his friends a drink prepared in an egg cup (coquetier) following a recipe from his home islands based on of bitters, cognac, sugar and spices. This drink and its ways of preparing it was called “coquetier”.

It is well known that the origin of alcoholic beverages must also be found in pharmacies, as happened with the ancient water of life that later derived in the word "aguardiente" which, more than a pleasure for the palate, was a remedy medicinal. Stomach infusions, cinchona-based drinks, and other stimulants were prepared by pharmacists until the arrival of high-proof beverage manufacturers, who began to produce these gastronomic chemical inventions on an industrial scale.

From those rudimentary experiments and combinations, we have moved on to modern cocktails and mixed drinks based mostly on those legendary and masterful formulas.

¿Por qué hacer cócteles con cerveza?

Why make cocktails with beer?

The beer does not have to be relegated to the act of drinking it alone. We can do really fun things with it. Because, this liquid gold, whatever it is, adds body, sparkling bubbles and a sparkling touch to cocktails. Because if you like beer, why not enjoy it this time?

The trick of a good cocktail is almost the same as that of a good pairing: you have to know the flavors and the power of all the ingredients to find the perfect combination. Sometimes it will be about looking for aromas and tastes that are as similar as possible. In others, contrast will be the key.

Although almost the most important thing to consider when you are making your cocktail with beer is how to do it. The key to a good cocktail is the mixture of all the elements, which must be quite vigorous (either in a shaker or in a mixer). But beware, you are going to add a beer, that is, a carbonated drink…. imagine what can happen if you "shake" too much. For this reason, the ideal order is to first mix the alcohol and juices, and then, after pouring it into the glass, delicately add the beer. And for everything to mix, stir with a wooden stick or stirring spoon.

Now that you have the main keys to being a good beer bartender, prepare the ingredients and let the show begin! To get you started, here are five beer cocktail recipes that you can make in minutes.

Espresso Stout

Espresso Stout

Make your favorite espresso, strong, and let cool. Pour into a small pitcher and add the brown liqueur.Stir and leave it in the refrigerator, together with two Pilsner-type glasses. Let it cool for half an hour and remove it from the refrigerator. Pour the Dawat Coffee Imperial Stout 33cl into the glasses, half in each of them. This beer, dark black in color, with creamy light brown foam, stands out for its roasted, toasted and intense aromas, predominantly of freshly ground natural coffee. Carefully pour the coffee and coffee liqueur mixture into them and serve

Gold Foam (and gluten-free version)

In the shaker, add all the ingredients except the beer and ice. Shake for a few seconds. Serve the mixture in a chilled glass or glass and add, finally, the beer. We suggest the Basqueland Santa Clara Helles for its powerful drinkability or La Sagra Sin Gluten for a gluten free version. When you add the beer, move your wrist a lot, with a lot to form a large layer of foam, which will give this cocktail all the personality.

Spicy IPA

Spicy IPA

Put all the ingredients in the shaker and mix. Add the Bonvivant The Incredible Shrinking Man beer at the end, with its powerful tropical fruit flavor, and gently swirl the shaker two or three times. To serve, take a glass and paint the rim with narrowness. Then mix all the spices (cardamom and cayenne) on a flat plate and support the edge of the glass. Strain the cocktail and pour it into the glass.

Rabastas Swizzle by Luis Inchaurraga, Krápula restaurant


Put all the ingredients (except the beer) in a glass with crushed ice and mix with a spoon. Add the beer and stir gently to integrate. Add more ice and decorate with mint, pineapple and currants.


  • 1 Rebel Soldier Blanche
  • Half file
  • 3 cl of tequila (the good one, please)
  • A pinch of dried sage. If you don't have sage, use three or four fresh mint leaves instead.

Have a wide and deep cocktail glass or a glass of cider or similar. Moisten its edge and pass it through a plate with salt to decorate. If you come to the top you can make a mixture of salt, chili flakes and a little sugar to get a tastier decorative border.

In another glass put the tequila, squeeze the lime (and reserve it). Put some ice and stir to cool. Transfer the contents of that glass to the decorated glass.Add the beer Rebel Soldier until the glass is full The touch of coriander in its recipe will be the secret component for the success of this cocktail. Put the squeezed lime inside or crimp on the rim of the glass. Decorate with a pinch of sage or fresh mint leaves, which will also provide an aroma that rounds off the cocktail.

We hope you have a great time preparing and tasting these cocktails. Good luck!

Los 5 mejores cócteles con cerveza para disfrutar

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