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In the month of July at the Spain Beer Subscription we went to The Community of Madrid and of course, what to say about this community that is not already known. Madrid is a land of mixture of cultures, which welcomes everyone, whether to carve out a future or pursue a dream. Those who arrive early feel as if they already knew the city a little, being the protagonist of so many series, movies or important events. Madrid also boasts gastronomy, not only the Madrid stew or the squid sandwich, its tripe, gizzards and chicken, bravas are also famous, or in the sweetest part its violet candies, silly and ready donuts, torrijas, etc

Well, the capital is also proud of its beer scene and in recent years it has nothing to send to other very relevant capitals of the craft scene. Tap Rooms or renowned specialized breweries are concentrated in the Barrio de las Letras, but we also find many others in La Latina, Lavapiés, Malasaña and other neighborhoods of the city. In addition, in other outlying towns already established projects and others recently created and with very good reviews have appeared. From Beer Sapiens we have selected 4 breweries that will surely not leave you indifferent. Cheers!


“Madrid Independent Brewers”. A brewery from Madrid that brews fresh and modern craft beers, the beers that the founders of Oso Brew, David and Patrick, like to drink, who met more than a decade ago while they were studying in Madrid. Together they served their first beer in 2018, and since then they have brewed and sold over 100,000 pints of beer to people across Europe. The philosophy of the brewery is that: simple is beautiful in terms of beer, and from there they make tasty, clean and refined beers. Their Taproom, La Osita, is in the center of Madrid, with a wide range of beers. delicious, smooth, silky and hoppy, and now their beers come to Beer Sapiens.

From Oso Brew we have selected his masterpieces, Bjorn To Be Wild Imperial Berliner Weisse and El Madrileño Chapter 6 DIPA:

  • Bjorn To Be Wild Imperial Berliner Weisse: a collaboration with Norwegian brewers Amundsen, an Imperial Berliner Weisse with Mango, Pineapple and Passion Fruit plus a strong dose of Coconut and a bit of Lactose. A fruity, silky, thick and creamy extravaganza with body and alcoholic potential.
  • El Madrileño Chapter 6 DIPA: The sixth elaboration of "The Madrileno" series created by Oso Brew, a Double IPA with a smooth and almost chewy malt profile, with a lot of oats, wheat and lactose.


It all starts when Daniel Díaz, Co-Founder and Master Brewer, brings to his house one of those homemade beer fermentation kits, which he had received in a course in the Master that he was doing in Homemade Beer. At this time he went into the kitchen and left a first must in the plastic barrel, in a month he gathered his friends for the tasting of his first creation. Years later, Dani, together with his friends Víctor Díaz and Álvaro Díaz, decided to move forward with beer, but associated it with gastronomy, so today, the group Bacterio makes beer and food, in its own style. , fun and creative. Located in Móstoles, most of their drinks are not filtered, chemicals are not used for their preservation, or pasteurization methods.

From Bacterio we have chosen two beers, their award-winning Red Nuclear Red Ale and Blackterio Porter:

  • Red Nuclear Red Ale: a “toasted” beer, dark reddish in color, great cereal flavor due to roasted malts, in addition to its balanced sweetness and bitterness, esters of fruits are also present A delicious beer, with a balanced alcohol content.
  • Blackterio Porter: a dark beer with body and persistent foam. In the mouth, notes of coffee and black licorice stand out, which makes it a very drinkable beer and smooth on the palate, with only 5% alcohol.


“BREW WILD” Madrid brewery that was born in 2013 and that presents us with some wild, tasty and aromatic beers with the best ingredients. They are beers without complexes, without fear of anything and that have a marked personality, faithful to their "wild" philosophy. The brewery La Quince Brewing Co. works with an itinerant production model, also known as "nomadic", that is, on the one hand, they do not have their own factory and produce in those of other friendly brewers (installing their own fermenters in the most trusted factories, in addition to having their own suppliers of raw materials), this allows them to have produced more than 100 varieties of beer in 40 factories, in 9 different countries, and the list continues to grow.

For the selection of the month we have chosen your Fest Bier Lager and Weizenland Hefeweizen:

  • Fest Bier Lager: a smooth, clean, pale German lager with a moderately strong malty flavor and slight hop character. It balances intensity and drinkability, with a finish that encourages drinking. Deep yellow in color, medium bodied, with a smooth and somewhat creamy texture.
  • Weizenland Hefeweizen: A German wheat beer, also known as weissbier or weizenbier, straw yellow in color with fruity and spicy aromas, especially clove and banana. In the mouth, the predominant cereal (wheat) and citrus flavors appear thanks to the hops used (Mandarina Bavaria).


“Enjoy the ride!”. It all begins in 1994, when the father of the Venezuelan Román Jove (Brewmaster at the head of the family business) began to brew his own beer with a neighbor in the US town of Fort Collins in Colorado, and that coincided precisely with the “ Craft Beer Movement” that became very fashionable at the time. Right away, Román decided to specialize as a Master Brewer at the University of UC Davis in California. In 2017 the Cervecera Península set up a factory in Alcobendas, Madrid, with the aim of creating beers inspired by those of the American West Coast and their years spent in Colorado where they were soaked in the beginnings of the global craft brewing movement. From there, the result is what we see today: a brewery that produces original, free and authentic beers.

For the selection of the month we have chosen their Paseo Sin Gluten Session IPA and Pinky Promise Gose:

  • Paseo Sin Gluten Session IPA: A session India Pale Ale, that is, with a low alcohol content (5, 1%), perfect for summer and gluten free! Golden, light and refreshing, pleasant bitterness with a hint of maltiness. In aroma it is tropical, herbal and citric.
  • Pinky Promise Gose: Gose style, typical of the German city of Liepzig that has its origin in the Middle Ages.An acidic, refreshing beer with a salty touch that enhances its flavor to which they have added blueberries and lime to enjoy a good terraceo! Pink color, white foam. Very light and fresh.

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