Beer Sapiens, proyecto finalista en ISDI START 2020 - Beer Sapiens
2020 was a very difficult year and we all already know it: the pandemic changed all of our lives and we quickly had to look for measures to adapt to the new normality. For us at Beer Sapiens it was not different, in the end our project was born from the opportunity to be an online store and recommender to sell the beers of the more than 500 independent craft brewers in Spain, whose sales were directly affected by the health crisis.
From the idea of ​​our project, we had the opportunity to enroll in the ISDI START Program, a space developed by the ISDI international business school, leaders in training everything related to the digital environment, with the aim of creating, launching and developing start-ups:
"ISDI START is an entrepreneurship support program especially aimed at supporting the creation and consolidation of innovative companies and new growth projects that arise under the ISDI ecosystem. We want to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among all those who are part of ISDI by offering specialized mentoring of the best professionals in the digital sector, help methodology for validating ideas through entrepreneurship bootcamps or networking meetings, among others".
Beer Sapiens finalista en ISDI START
The bootcamp
Between 25 registered national and international projects, Beer Sapiens was chosen among the 10 finalists. For 1 month we were immersed daily in a mentoring program that included talks guided by ISDI teachers and entrepreneurs from the Spanish digital market, in addition to the guided accompaniment of our mentor Yago Mellado. "Having participated in this Bootcamp helped us to give a boost to the project, a fundamental qualitative and quantitative advance. We have been able to launch our MVP much earlier than expected and knowing that we were doing it with all the guarantees ", Herminio Campillo, CO-Founder Beer Sapiens and MIBER of the tenth edition of the Master.
In addition, "this was an essential opportunity for us, as it was a way to listen to the experience of market specialists, get out of our comfort zone and add new ideas to the Beer Sapiens project", Sanmy Moura, CO-Founder Beer Sapiens.
So, count on us to continue evolving and looking for more Spanish craft beers. Cheers!

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