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If there are two things that we really like, they are beer and music, and today this combination could not go unnoticed, because we are celebrating International Beatles Day. January 16, for many fans, is considered the premiere date of the Cavern Club, the place where they made their debut John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison y Ringo Starr, that is, the date that is considered the official day of the band.

Las 10 canciones más famosas de los Beatles

So today, we are going to combine our favorite beers with our favorite songs from The Beatles, in the end pairing is a matter of sensations to enhance the flavor of our beers:

1 - “Let it be”

This is, unanimously for us at Beer Sapiens, the most "recognizable" song by The Beatles and it's not for nothing: in addition to the positive message it conveys, its rhythm and style make it a true anthem. Although the song is very delicate, it speaks of the strength needed to lightly face difficult situations.

We paired this song with the Malandar Stracciatella Season Pastry Imperial Stout , which despite being an Imperial Stout, which is associated with a strong flavor for many people, this is a sweet beer that brings back memories of stracciatella ice cream (cream and chocolate). In addition, this style also helps us to face the difficult cold days of winter.

Malandar Stracciatella Season Imperial Stout 44cl

2 - “Help”

Help is one of the songs that is part of the affective memory of one of our Co-Founders: "this was the first song I learned in English, I clearly remember that when I finally memorized all the lyrics ( because at the time it was my personal challenge, at the age of 10) I was able to start singing it while jumping and feel the good vibes it transmits" explains Sanmy.

For this musical pairing we chose Barcelona Beer Company Flying Pigs, because this is a very cheerful beer from its design with the charismatic pink pigs, to its liquid that in the end it gives us high and good vibes while we appreciate her and dance.

Barcelona Beer Company Cerdos Voladores

3 - “All you need is love”

We believe that this is the most sentimental song of The Beatles, in a plan that touches our hearts. Ttransmits a charge of positivity, togetherness and love, which, together with the rhythm and the chorus in the background, stays stuck in your head for hours and, when you least expect it, there you are singing it "All you need is love, love is all you need...".

We combined this song with the Califa Bar is Back, because the Califa brewery together with a group of independent brewers produced this very fresh and light hoppy lager to help the affected bars for the pandemic. So, the spirit of union and solidarity remains among all.

Califa Bar is Back

4 - “I Want To Hold Your Hand ”

Song that represents the youth that the Beatles lived in 1963, not only for its rhythm that invites us to dance, but also for the "innocence" of a generation for which a lyric that said "I want to hold your hand" could mean something romantic and so conquering. Furthermore, this is the song that made The Beatles popular in the United States, being the group's first number one American hit, entering on January 18, 1964 at number 45 on the Billboard Hot chart. 100.

Since we are talking about an English invasion of American lands, nothing better than pairing this song with the Bidassoa Boise American IPA. An American version of English IPAs, which are less malty and hoppier. So grab it to get your hands on it ASAP!

Bidassoa Boise American IPA

5 - "Yellow Submarine"

This song is from 1966 and it is said that Paul McCartney wrote it one night in his bed while he was half asleep, the idea came to his head and he has never found an explanation for it What Herminio, one of our founders, knows is that it is one of his favorite songs because he used to sing it as a child in the car with his whole family on the way to the beach to spend the holidays, he always imagined that one day he would find himself in the sea with a yellow submarine :)

We pair it with Althaia Bitácora IPA, because it is an India Pale Ale and a style that has to do with everything related to sailing and the sea (because of the history of its creation when they transported it on the trips to India from England), in addition to the design that shows us a girl with a totally sailor look.

Althaia Bitácora IPA 33cl

But if you want a Beer Selection that has the rhythm and youth of The Beatles, we invite you to discover our Special Pack ¡Lo FL-IPAs!, a box with 8 Different super modern, innovative and delicious IPAs so you can celebrate The Beatles every day:

Beer Sapiens Pack Especial ¡Lo FL-IPAs!

Cheers! #beersapiens


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