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For some, the arrival of winter seems like the time to substitute red wine for beer. But this change is a big mistake... well if it's for personal taste we understand, however in the world of craft beers we have many beers made to be appreciated during the coldest days.

Cervezas de Invierno

There are some aspects that make certain beers ideal for consumption during the winter:

  • Beers with higher alcohol content: in general, this aspect in beer causes a sensation of warmth in our mouth and body and a sensation of comfort.
  • Beers with body: also responsible for the sensation of comfort, and a more powerful sensory charge and more intense flavors.
  • Beer serving temperature: winter beers are served at higher temperatures, starting at 7 degrees. Also, the higher the alcohol level of the beer, the higher the temperature at which it is served.
  • It pairs perfectly with seasonal dishes: beers for cold days generally go very well with the denser and more intense winter dishes that we like so much.

We have made a Beer Selection: Winter is HERE so you can discover the ideal beers for temperature drops, here below we highlight 6 of them especially for you:

Althaia Barlovento Imperial Stout 33cl

1 -Althaia Windward Imperial Stout 33cl

  • Style: Imperial Stout
  • Flavor: complex and intense, it tastes like dark chocolate in a soft way and there is a mixture of sweet, vanilla and smoked notes.
  • Good for winter because it is full-bodied and creamy, which will give you a filling sensation in the mouth, in addition to its aroma with smoky and exotic notes (thanks to the special touch of tonka bean , an aromatic seed) that creates a feeling of warmth .
  • Pairing: raclette or fondue (more intense cheeses).

Sherry Beer Duela English Barleywine 33cl

2- Sherry Beer Stave English Barleywine 33cl

  • Style: Barleywine
  • Flavor: dry, not very bitter, malty and alcoholic, with notes of wood, sweet taste, burnt caramel, raisins, figs and chocolate.
  • Good for the winter due to its liqueur aspect: Fermented at cellar temperature and subsequently matured in oak barrels previously aged with Oloroso sherry for six months, where, upon contact with the wine yeasts, it undergoes a second and subtle fermentation.
  • It pairs well with: cooked, whether from Madrid, Extremadura or Andalusia.

Bidassoa Nexus Belgian Strong Dark Ale 33cl

    2- Bidassoa Nexus Belgian Strong Dark Ale 33cl

    • Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
    • Flavor: Slight sweetness complemented by roasted notes of coffee, licorice and black fruits, nuanced by fruity and spicy aromas and flavors (ginger, coriander and citrus peel).
    • Good for winter due to its intense flavors, which makes this beer quite a gastronomic drink, in addition to its powerful alcohol content, which provides a warm sensation in the mouth along with notes of spices.
    • It pairs well with: lamb dishes or wild boar meat.

    Bee Beer Capitán Pistacho Stout 33cl

      4- Bee Beer Capitan Pistachio Stout 33cl

      • Style: Stout
      • Flavor: it has pistachio and salt, it also tastes like chocolate and with a touch of coffee. The point of salt opens and enhances the flavors.
      • Good for winter because it is not a beer that needs to be cold to be appreciated (like all the others mentioned here) and its intense flavor is very pleasant on cold days
      • Pairs well with: brownies and intense chocolates.

      Garage Beer The Unspoken Truth Porter 44cl

      5- Garage Beer The Unspoken Truth Porter 44cl

      • Style: Porter
      • Flavor: intense, with notes of dark chocolate, raisins, toasted bread.
      • Good for winter because balances sweetness with a touch of toasty astringency and mild hoppy bitterness. All this in the mouth during cold days provides a cozy feeling.
      • It pairs well with: suckling pig or lentils with a lot of chorizo.

      Barcelona Beer Company Señor Lobo Sweet Stout 33cl

        6 -Barcelona Beer Company Señor Lobo Sweet Stout 33cl

        • Style: Sweet Stout
        • Flavor: this beer has orange, chocolate and lactose, roasted malt flavor, cookies and caramel.
        • Good for winter because it has body and is very creamy.
        • It pairs well with orange duck.

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