#Episodio2 - España Cervecera con Alejandro Díaz, director de Cervezas Califa - Beer Sapiens

"If we have managed to get the IPAs (so herbaceous that at first people are shocked) to be fashionable, why not also bet on more acidic flavors as a next trend, as something more different"

We continue with our discoveries of the Spain Brewery through Andalusia, and here we make a stop in Córdoba, at the Califa brewery. Alejandro Díaz is the director of the Cordoban brewery that has been active since 2013, in our interview we talked about the authentic Andalusian character that the brewery imprints on its products, from the label (with emblematic historical references from the Spanish Islamic world) to the experience with their tasty beers. Alejandro also tells us about:

  • His migration from the computer world to the beer world, in search of his passion, developing his own business and reinventing himself.
  • How to be the first independent craft brewer in Córdoba, its challenges and development of the project.
  • The philosophy of the brewery: quality beers, following tradition and with touches of local identity.
  • Brand news.

About Califa Beers

Cervezas Califa was born with the aim of offering everyone quality beers, made with wheat and barley malts, select hops and yeasts, which are mixed with local water from Córdoba, which imprints 100% Andalusian character. In addition, Cervezas Califa makes technology and innovation coexist with tradition, as an opportunity to be in constant evolution for its products and offer the best result to the client.

"Welcome to the world of real beers"

#Episodio2 - España Cervecera con Alejandro Díaz, director de la Cervecera Califa

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