#Episodio10 - España Cervecera con Fernando, de Asturias Brewing Company - Beer Sapiens

"Cider here (in Asturias) will always exist, (...) I go into the cider house where someone is having a craft beer and at the same table they are having a couple of bottles of ciders, they are not competition"

Having spoken with Fernando from Asturias Brewing Company meant learning about the essence of the Asturian brewery, the founding partner of ABC did not comment on his career in the world of beer and 3 years with the brewery in activity. In addition, we have talked about their Brown Ale and American Pale Ale (which were part of the #EspañaCervecera Subscription of the month of November), the beer scene in Asturias 🚀 And the new beer from Imperial Stout about to be released 🤷🏽‍♂️

About Cervecera Asturias Brewing Company

Founded in 2016, Asturias Brewing Company's philosophy is to brew beers with love and passion, using the best quality raw materials. Their beers are 100% natural (respecting the environment), without preservatives or additives, allowing flavors, aromas and sensations in the mouth to be displayed that are very different from traditional industrial breweries (from Asturias Brewing company we chose Subscription España Cervecera two beers, its American Pale Ale and Brown Ale)

La Cervecera Asturias Brewing Company is very focused on a traditional production process, so the stages are:

  • Grinding;
  • Preparation of the must;
  • Cooled;
  • Fermentation and maturation;
  • Filtering;
  • Carbonation and bottling;


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