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"We can find (in Spain) the same styles of beers with the same quality that are made in France, Germany, that is, the (beer) culture in Spain is growing well, but there is still a way to go"

Brewmaster Olivier, from Cervecera Ordum, spoke with us about the secrets of how to make such delicious and correct beers, in the end Ordum carries in its DNA: to spread the artisan culture defending its tradition. Olivier explained details about the Ordum #Pilsen and #IPA (which were part of the #EspañaCervecera Subscription for the month of November), his perception of the beer scene in Asturias 🚀 And the new christmas beer about to be released 🤷🏽‍♂️

About Ordum Brewery

Artisan Spirit, this is the motto of the Ordum brewery, a name that comes from the Latin hordeum, which means barley. The brewery was born in 2012 in the Cá Beleño brew pub, a mythical Ovetense brewery opened in 1987, with the philosophy of defending the tradition and values ​​of its people and its land, a brand created from the heart of Asturias for all those who believe in their values. Their beers are brewed in the middle of nature, surrounded by the typical Asturian flora and fauna of the Piloña council under the shelter of the Borines spring. From Ordum we have brought its IPA and its Lager to the Spain Beer Subscription in November, two classics that convey the passion and excellence of this Asturian brewer, which collects awards at beer fairs.

"Ordum is a craft beer that defends the origin, tradition and values ​​of its people and its land. A brand created from Asturias for all those who seek the taste of authenticity."

The brewery collects prizes:

  • Gold Medal: BEST LAGER IN SPAIN 2018 ABC Contest.
  • Gold Medal: BEST LAGER International Fair of
    Trujillo, 2018.
  • Gold Medal: Ecuador Half World Cup, 2019.
  • Silver Medal: BEST RED ALE Colombia Caribbean Cup, 2019.
  • Bronze Medal: BEST LAGER Caribbean Cup. Colombia, 2019.
  • Bronze Medal: BEST LAGER V National Beer Championship, Poblenou, 2019.
  • Bronze Medal: BEST RED ALE Japan International Championship, 2019.

In addition to its beers, Ordum offers a brewery experience, which has its facilities on a historic complex that has been recovered by collecting the witness of history and memory. For this reason, the factory has incorporated the most modern technology to guarantee the highest quality of the final product without losing its essence and roots. Its location and architecture arouse interest among lovers of Asturias and craft beer.

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