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"Our goal is to culturalize craft beer, offering the market balanced, accessible and high-quality beers"

We begin our series of interviews on España Cervecera talking with Beltran Viguera, the co-founder of the Sevillian brewery Guadalquibeer. During our beer talk, we reviewed the current craft beer scene in Andalusia, from the emergence of new local craft breweries to the local public's perception of craft products, and the challenges that lie ahead. Also, we have talked in detail about:

  • The birth of the Guadalquibeer brewery and how the passion for beer became a job;
  • The philosophy of the brewery and its entire brewing process;
  • Sensory profile of the Córdoba Red Ale and Sevilla Cream Ale beers, which are part of the selection Spain Cervecera Subscription for the month of September/2021.
  • The following launches of the brewery for this year;

About the Guadalquibeer Brewery

Guadalquibeer is located in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, and was created in 2017. The positive and innovative spirit of the brewery is reflected in its brand that, with all the good vibes and desire to produce, create accessible beers so that the local public is getting closer to craft products, demystifying the old and misconception of craft beers as products "strong and difficult to drink, that do not taste like beer".

In addition, the name of the brewery is a great tribute (quite creative) to one of Andalusia's identity symbols: the Guadalquivir river, which, in a wink, turns water into beer as it passes through the provinces through which runs, following the lemma:

"Your river, your beer"

Sobre la Cervecera Guadalquibeer Sevilla

Discover our selection of Guadalquibeer Beers!

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