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"In the end, we wanted to feel represented with a very classic image, very clean and very simple, playing a lot with gastronomy, entering restaurants"

Classic, elegant and close, the Asturian brewery Scone represents great traditional beer styles, but with a touch of creativity that only they possess. During our talk about the España Cervecera Subscription, we talked about its BarleyWine and Imperial Stout, we learned a little more about the brewery's trajectory and its launch 🚀 an Imperial Stout aged in barrels of … 🤷🏽‍♂️ (surprise in the video).

About Scone Brewery

Cervecera Scone was founded in April 2015 by a team with experience in the craft beer sector since March 2011. Its philosophy is to make craft beer with top quality raw materials (without additives or extracts). ) and capture in each of them the styles of the places where the Stone (the brewery's legend) left its legacy. With great elegance and delicacy, Scone beers print unique and exclusive products that can be tasted and enjoyed by most ( pfor the selection of the Spain Cervecera Subscription for November we chose their Imperial Stout and its Barley Wine, two very authentic, powerful and tasty styles that will surprise you).

"We will always put quality before quantity, the final result being a natural and fresh assimilation product that preserves its nutritional values ​​and is in continuous evolution. So if you want to buy quality craft beer, here we guarantee a 100% product % natural."

Currently the Scone brewery has 8 different craft beers, classic styles, all made with top quality ingredients, without extracts or additives, in a natural way and taking care of each process in detail of its manufacture. In addition, you can visit their factory, which has: a production and storage room, a conference room, a Tap Room and a tasting room:

Cervezas Artesanas Scone de Asturias

Discover our selection of Scone Beers!

Suscripción españa cervecera

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