#Episodio3 - España Cervecera con Nacho Gabrielli, Co-fundador de la Cervecera Bonvivant - Beer Sapiens

"It's up to us to do a brutal job of education, it's up to the little ones to try to educate everyone"

In our third interview with España Cervecera we went to Malaga to chat with our friend Nacho Gabrielli, who, in addition to being Co-Founder, also holds the position of Brewmaster at Cervecera Bonvivant. With Italian roots, which are mixed with art from Malaga and with his photographer/artist perspective, Nacho and his partners take the creative Andalusian brewery Bonvivant to the highest levels of the beer market. His beers are all memorable, from the label, through the marked aromas, to the flavor that they ask for more. During our fun chat we talked about:

  • The innovative communication of your brewery, mixing music, beer and the desire to live WELL.
  • The anniversary of the brewery is approaching.
  • Its Fruit IPA and Pale Ale (🍺 which are part of the September selection of the España Cervecera Subscription);
  • New releases (a new beer with MANGO).

About Bonvivant Beers

Málaga is possibly the province with the most microbreweries in Andalusia and the Bonvivant brewery is a great example of how the region's craft scene is progressively growing. Founded in 2015, the brewery is well known for its originality, joy and dynamics that capture its Mediterranean and Andalusian essence in all its beers.

"Music, food and drink: the concept of Bonvivant is to be a more enjoyable bonvivant, who enjoys small pleasures"

Cervezas Bonvivant de Málaga en Beer Sapiens

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