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In times of pandemic, searches for creative gifts to celebrate birthdays or important dates are increasingly frequent. And of course, to celebrate Valentine's Day will not be any different either, in the end, love has to be commemorated with style, be it self-love or love shared with a partner, friends or family.

That's why we've decided to launch a VERY good beer experience so you can celebrate this date: an online tasting in collaboration with the guys from Momentos Cerveceros , a team of highly qualified and experienced Beer Sommerliers that develops all kinds of beer events throughout Spain: tastings, training, fairs, etc.

Pack Especial San Valentín: Cata Online + 8 cervezas

How will the Online Tasting work?

1- You have to buy the Special Valentine's Pack, with 4 different Spanish craft beers (2 units of each style so you can enjoy one during the tasting and the other after ).

2- The online tasting will be on February 19 and we have two time options: at 7:00 p.m. and at 9:30 p.m., you can choose one option when adding the pack to your shopping cart.

3- After making the purchase, we will send you an email with information about the online tasting: step by step to connect, suggestions for serving beers before connecting, suggestions for beer pairing, etc

4- Together with the pack of beers we will also send you a letter with the step-by-step instructions and a QR Code, all in accordance with the technical information of the Beer Sommeliers of Momentos Cerveceros.

Pack Especial San Valentín

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5 - Until when do I have to buy the Pack + Online Tasting?

The sooner the better, spaces are limited to ensure the tasting is highly interactive, informative and fun.

6- What is the delivery time for the pack?

All orders placed before 16:00 will be prepared on the same day and delivered to MRW if it is a business day. The delivery time from the collection of the order is 24-48 business hours (Keep in mind that thethe delivery times may be longer due to restrictions in transportation due to COVID-19).

7- How many beers will I get?

The Special Valentine's Pack contains a total of 8 beers, with 2 units of each type of beer: 2 Yakka Type Wheat beers, 2 Califa IPA beers, 2 Bee Beer Capitan Pistachio beers and 2 Bidassoa Adur beers. Our suggestion is that you do the tasting online with one beer of each type and you can enjoy the other at another time quietly.

8- What are the requirements for the tasting?

There is no mandatory requirement to participate in the online tasting, just have the beers very cold during the online experience to accompany everything the Beer Sommelier will say and so you can savor your experience to the fullest. In our communications we will send you suggestions to serve craft beers before starting the tasting and easy ideas to pair your beers with food during the experience.

It is VERY IMPORTANT rfill in the first name and last name when entering the online tasting with the same name and first surname that you made the purchase at Beer Sapiens, so that the tasting moderators give you access.

Cervezas para el día de San Valentín

Doubts about the Online Tasting write to us here.

Cata onlineCerveza artesana

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