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Land of sun, beaches and an envied gastronomy with one of the best known dishes in the world such as paella. The Valencian Community is a tourist reference either for the Fallas, the Tomatina or its festivals and its extensive cultural heritage. But, in addition to all this, it is a hive when it comes to the craft movement.

Not only are we talking about its capital, Valencia, and specifically the Ruzafa (beer) neighborhood, in the rest of the community high-quality projects are constantly appearing, where the interest in making beers with natural, ecological ingredients stands out. and that they are respectful with the environment and the surroundings.

For our subscription for the month of April of the Spain Cervecera Subscription we have made a selection of projects that are longer-lived and others of recent creation, in order to capture the variety and richness of this Levantine region:


2019 was passing and the pre-pandemic world led three brewing colleagues to start the Aspikc project far from their lands. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, they are convinced that the Aspikc project is the next step in their evolution as brewers. Each one living in different countries, they get on this trip pushed by the inertia of the new challenge and the unconditional love of beer. After 18 months of waiting for world-renowned reasons, they arrive in Valencia, captivated by its vibe, colors, flavors and perfumes. They begin this beer journey by marking an unorthodox destination on their GPS: not to be just another craft brewer, to be able to offer something different and with a seal of authenticity that speaks of their roots and their journey as brewers.

From Aspick we have selected his last two releases, Fashion Victim and Surfer Rosa:

  • Fashion Victim New England IPA: Aspikc new New England IPA, puffy, cloudy and fluffy. Aromatic touches of coconut smoothie with cinnamon, Hawaiian Tropic pastel sparkles and a final dressing on the nose and palate of orange and vanilla marmalade.
  • Surfer Rosa Double IPA: brotherhood between the good old West Coast IPA and the New England Wave. Fermented with a blend of Californian and English yeasts, both inoculated at the same time in the fermenter. Very high drinkability and being super neutral, it leaves room for the herbal notes of the Ekuanot hops to flourish.


Cervezas Lluna is synonymous with beer passion and commitment. The brewery was created by María Vicente and David Seguí, and together their main objective is to produce BIO beers, using organic ingredients, free of chemicals and pesticides in order to protect the health of people and the environment. In addition, avoiding the consumption of raw materials of animal origin and promoting actions to protect the environment, the use of renewable energies and recycling. The brewery is also committed to the real and local economy, common development and fair working conditions, working with people who share the way they see the world and collaborating with projects that claim cultural diversity and the rejection of sexist, racist and violent attitudes .

From Lluna we have chosen two beers, their Blonde Ale and Brown Ale:

  • Blonde Ale gluten-free BIO: with a light body and refreshing taste, for lifelong beer lovers.⁠ Beer made with pale barley malt, wheat, Perle and Cascade hops and yeast. Its aroma is fruity with floral touches, on the palate its body is pleasant and its taste is refreshing.
  • Bruna Brown Ale BIO: Brown Ale style, a roasted beer with an intense flavor in which fruit aromas stand out nuanced by caramelized malt (round body and complex flavor) Its moderate bitterness, contains Hallertau and Challenger hops. Awards: Silver Medal at the 2019 Barcelona Beer Challenge and Silver Medal at the 2018 Lyon International Contest.

Joy Beers

“Joy in time”. Cervezas Alegría began in 2010 when the taste for beer and microbial ecology brought Guille and Irene together in Granada, the co-founders of the brewery who, based on their passion for beer, began to brew beer at home and began their first batches . In 2014 they began their journey as nomads and that is where the Cervezas Alegría project began, convinced that Alegría is what a good beer should awaken in those who drink it. In 2015, the dream of spreading Alegría became a reality, and the microbrewery and TapRoom were created, located in Massanassa, very close to Valencia. Throughout these years its growth continues in progress, obtaining medals in the Barcelona Beer Challenge and new additions to the team.

For the joyous selection of the month we have chosen your Sassy Saaz and Barrio:

  • Gluten-free Sassy Saaz Hoppy Pils: blond, dry, long-drinking beer full of flavor from this classic Saaz hop in Czech beers. It will fill you with balsamic freshness and herbal notes that refresh you with every sip.
  • Gluten-free Barrio American Pale Ale: designed for lifelong friends, those from the Barrio. A beer with an incredible aroma of tropical and citrus fruits that will surprise you. A pale, refreshing and hoppy ale, still with enough malt support to make the beer balanced and drinkable. Awards: Silver Medal at the 2016 Barcelona Beer Challenge.


Althaia was born in the Mediterranean town of Altea, it is said that this name is one of the first that this town had. The word has Greek origin and means “I heal” or “I heal”. This is the leitmotiv that has guided Mayte and Jorge to produce these ethical and 100% natural beers. A love story that materializes in careful, delicate, aesthetic products with a lot of personality. As they say, these are beers from the sea, from the beach, from the coast and with a purely Mediterranean essence. In its history, the brewery has collected more than 25 different awards such as CICO - International Beer Competition 2021 with a gold medal, Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021 with a silver medal, Comunitat Valenciana Craft Award with an image award and many more.

For the selection of the month we have chosen your Heliodora and Barlovento:

  • Heliodora Berliner Weisse: a Berliner Weisse beer which means that it is wheat brewed according to the old German recipe and this time blood oranges have been added. Smooth and very refreshing, reminiscent of ciders or sparkling and fruity wines, in fact, this style of beer is called "the champagne of the north". Slightly acidic, citrus and fruity notes due to blood orange. Silver Medal: National Beer Championship 2018.
  • Barlovento Smoked Imperial Stout: this is an Imperial Stout-style dark beer, with a lot of body and a creamy and persistent foam cinnamon colour.Its flavor is complex and intense, it tastes like dark chocolate in a smooth way and there is a mixture of sweet, vanilla and smoked notes. The aroma has smoky and exotic notes thanks to the special touch of the tonka bean (an aromatic seed) that combines with the aromas of chocolate and mocha from the roasted malts. Awards: Silver Medal of the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018 and 2017; Bronze Medal of the III National Beer Championship 2017.

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