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If we use the literal translation from English, we can get an idea about what would be #beerporn : beer (cerveza), porn (pornographic). The word/hashtag expresses an image concept where the beer overflows in an exuberant and delicious way, which manifests desire, is IRRESISTIBLE, makes us salivate and will awaken your thirst and desire to drink a GOOD CRAFT BEER.

¿Qué es beerporn?

We could be talking about a good wheat beer (weisbeer) served fresh and with good formation, overflowing from the typical German beer glass, next to plates of food or appetizers so that, in addition to thirst, they also arouse hunger in the followers on social networks... sweet appetizers such as croquettes, chicken wings with barbecue sauce, seafood paella or an entrecote are GREAT... surely everyone has a good beer and a good dish to pair, make a photographic record and provoke roars in the stomach of friends/followers.

The term beerporn is quite widespread on social networks, and today it has 9.2 million posts using the #beerporn with many fans of the hashtag in different parts of the world. In the end, the term, even if it is written in English, is universally known for its concept. So, the ability to capture the attractiveness of a good craft beer has practically become an art, beerporn is a trend, pornographic beer, seductive, irresistible and totally attractive , has come to the world of gastronomy and the internet to stay.

¿Qué es beerporn?


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