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This month of March we are going to open even more space in our communication and sales channels to honor the women brewers of Spain and commemorate International Women's Day.

Mes Internacional de las Mujeres Cerveceras


There are many exceptional women we could invite to talk about beer and the beer market on our Instagram, but since we are still in our first year of activity, let's go to start with some of our collaborating breweries and other guests:
🍺 @cervezasalthaia , with @mayte_pardo
🍺 @beebeermadrid , with @marle1rodriguez
🍺 @pyrenecraftbeer , with Marina Montserrat
🍺 the world organization represented in Spain @pinkbootssocietyspain , with @lorenabazang
🍺 the journalist and beer sommelier Larissa Andrade @bemybeerblog
🍺 the poet, actress and feminist @laura.g.delucas

We know that many of the brewers who study the history of this drink are aware of the importance of women in its creation, but this information has yet to reach many people. In addition, we have to continue breaking the stereotypes and prejudices that still exist.

Throughout the month of March we will be publishing reminder posts and question boxes in the Instagram stories so that the direct ones are quite collaborative and everyone can participate.

Women and the History of Beer

Here on our blog, our writer Laura de Lucas will be dedicated to writing a series of posts about the history of beer, telling how it all started from the powerful minds of women. There will be two posts a week, so stay tuned to learn even more about beer and give prestige to this great female invention.


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