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The Spain Beer Subscription advances through the national geography and through our beer journey to reach the Region of Murcia, for The one we have a special affection for since it is the region where the Beer Sapiens project was born. Located in a strategic place: on the one hand the east with the influence of the Valencian Community, on the other the south with Andalusia as neighbors and in the interior border with Castilla La Macha. This means that in the Region of Murcia you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches, one of the most important orchards in Europe, some amazing mountains and even amazing deserts.

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On a gastronomic level, it also demonstrates its different influences and its Roman and Arab past: delicious rice dishes such as caldero, rabbit and serranas or ribs, meatloaf, illustrious tapas such as its marinera, caballitos, zarangollo, salted meats or more forceful dishes such as michirones or broth with balls, without forgetting typical sweets such as paparajotes or syrup. In addition, a very relevant craft movement has been consolidated in the region with some of the most recognized brands at the national level and other small projects that come with a strong commitment and also garner international quality awards. and innovation.


“Don't Worry, Drink Happy”. This is the motto of Yakka, a living and natural brewery. Located in the middle of the Murcian orchard, a benchmark that has been selling its creations since 2009. Its passion for the profession is reflected in its products: quality beers, unfiltered or unpasteurized, that preserve the essence of craft beers and are up to the most demanding palates. Throughout more than 10 years of history, the brewery follows its passion and dreams and currently has a Tap Room Bar and 15 taps in which they serve their beers, as well as different dishes, offering a unique experience in the Region of Murcia.

From Yakka we have selected their masterpieces, Farm House Hoppy Saison and their Porter Baltica:

  • Farm House Hoppy Saison: slightly cloudy blonde ale with the great complexity of the Saison family and with an extra hop that increases its intensity and fragrance. A peasant recipe worked from a modern and heterodox perspective. With a more powerful and modern hopping, fermented without temperature control, it seeks the maximum expression of itself.
  • Baltic Porter: dark beer, almost black, roasted, caramelized, liquor and drinkable. Low fermentation at slightly increased temperature. A historical recipe, curious, playful as well as solemn. Black of the good, intensity without edges and elegance in this style steeped in history.


La Ribera Beer Company was born in Santiago de La Ribera, in Murcia, on the shores of the Mar Menor . The culprits of the project are two lifelong friends: Fran and Juanjo who, after many years of homebrewing and drinking liters, decided to take the leap and launch their beers on the market in 2019, with the intention of working hard, making good beers , and go step by step, without haste. The beers of La Ribera are inspired by life, in the summers of the Mar Menor with its endless chats on the shores of the beach and in its warm nights with friends, as well as betting for the quality and to be able to be drunk by all.

From La Ribera we have chosen two beers, their award-winning Blonde Ale Sin Gluten and Caminito IPA:

  • Blonde Ale Gluten Free: beer inspired by the summers of the Mar Menor, in mornings full of light, warm sunsets and in those endless chats with friends. Very clean and fresh. Bright golden color and white foam. Of a very noble character, with light fruity and herbal aromas. Light on the palate, with a long and pleasant finish. Ideal to drink by the liter in any beach bar.
  • Caminito IPA: Caminito India Pale Ale is a consequence of evolution, of the need to flow, advance and reach from North to South and from South to North. A British IPA with a modern cut, bright golden amber color. Aromatically, it is full of fruity, tropical and stone notes, resinous and herbal in equal parts, with malty background notes. In the mouth it is full and balanced. Medium, sharp and electric bitterness that enhances its sensation of freshness.


“Much more than a craft beer”. Canana is a craft beer factory that began its brewing work in 2013 by Damián Martínez and Fayiny González, young lovers of the beer world. The brewery began as a project that wanted to sell high-quality products with personalized attention, in a pleasant and welcoming environment for beer tasting. Until now this is the main premise of the brewery, offering beers made with care so that they can enjoy this wide and diverse world of beer. In addition to being a brewery, Canana is also a Brewpub in the Murcia region, where you can enjoy their beers (seeing their manufacturing process), and also a welcoming, comfortable environment and nice.

For the selection of the month we have chosen your Wheat Wheat and Old Ale Toast:

  • Wheat Wheat: beer straw yellow and cloudy, with white, dense, consistent and persistent foam. Typical aromas of German wheat beers: clove, ripe banana and hints of citrus. In the mouth flavor of banana, wheat bread, light acid and citrus touches. A medium-bodied beer with good carbonation and fresh wheat.
  • Toasted Old Ale: amber colored beer, without turbidity, creamy foam, abundant and permanent. Aromas of sweet malt, molasses, honey and spicy esters such as clove, cinnamon, pepper. Taste with hints of molasses, honey, spicy esters such as pepper, yeast and bread. A light beer, with fine and persistent bubbles, matured for 90 days.


Since Murcia, the beers at Cantero are signature beers made in an artisanal way where Ginés, the master brewer, creates unique recipes, contributing all his passion and knowledge to achieve a particular result: a product with its own characteristics and differentiated from the rest, due to the fact that unique and even indigenous ingredients are used in its preparation, which provide aromas, flavors or body that make that these beers are typical and unique.

For the selection of the month we have chosen its famous New England IPA and Hoppy Pils:

  • New England IPA: a very tropical and citric beer with a very successful combination of hops, characteristic of the know-how of this brewery With little bitterness but with a lot of flavor and freshness.At first sight it is cloudy but without lumps, orange and brown tones and abundant white foam. On the palate it is very citric and tropical with flavors of mango, grapefruit or passion fruit. Smooth and fresh body.
  • Hoppy Pils: a classic German Pilsner style beer, very fresh and drinkable, with hops as the main ingredient and with the genuine touch of the Murcian brewery. Pale yellow appearance with white foam and fine bubbles. Resinous notes with nuances of tropical fruit and herbaceous freshness.

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