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It's happened to all of us. There are times in life when we cannot drink alcohol. It may be that you are taking some medication, that the next day you have a gym or that you have to take the car. Or maybe he just decided to take care of you a little more.

The decision is not difficult to make. But then comes the big drama: you've arranged to eat, they put some appetizers on the table: ham, cheese and some prawns, and you start looking at the others' beers with real desire.

Don't despair friend Beer Sapiens! The non-alcoholic craft beer exists (and we have it in our store, here ). And it's as good as alcoholic beers. Also, to make it even easier for you, in the following two articles I will give you all the keys for when they ask you: Beer without alcohol, and that?.

A bit of history

Cervezas sin alcohol, la historia y como se hace

Let's start at the beginning of time, the story, that removing the alcohol from the beer seems very modern, but it isn't. For centuries the Beer is part of Western culture and has become an excellent companion for coexistence in its more than 5,000 years of history. Do you know that the creators of non-alcoholic beer were none other than the Egyptians?

The non-alcoholic beer that we know today has its origin in the followers of the goddess Hathor. In the temple where the statue of said goddess was located, containers full of beer were heated at her feet with a somewhat striking objective: her faithful carried out this action so that the alcohol evaporated on the head of the goddess in order to that she would put herself in a good mood and attend to all her requests. This is how the alcohol-free beer.


How much alcohol?

In the world of beer without ethyl content, it is important to distinguish between two categories: Without and 0.0. Taking into account Spanish regulations, the first groups all beers with an amount of alcohol by volume below 1%, while l at 0.0 must guarantee that their alcohol content is below 0.04%, practically nothing.

How is alcohol-free beer made?

¿Cómo se hace la cerveza Sin Alcohol?

The distinction between these two types of modalities is fundamental when it comes to understanding how beer can be made into a non-alcoholic drink since they can use different techniques.

The first, , is to make a Con and then remove the alcohol. Historically, evaporation was used to remove alcohol. Now, they use other types of methods such as distillation, centrifugation or dialysis.

The other technique is nor allowing the alcohol to be generated. It consists of a controlled fermentation process where, playing with time and temperature, the minimum amount of alcohol is generated . As I told you before, it must be less than 1% alcohol by volume.

It is also very important to note that there is significant growth in non-alcoholic beers in the craft market. Our selection of non-alcoholic beers is growing more and more, because the search for this type of beer is growing. A great example of a brewery that is making more and more styles of non-alcoholic craft beers is Birra & Blues, for example. Delicious beer, alcohol-free, gluten-free, all made with love and that pair well with tapas and appetizers… How many do you say you want?

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