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Welcome back, fellow beersapiens! As you already know, the famous Oktoberfest is celebrated on these dates. What started as a wedding banquet (you can read about it here) is now a world-renowned party that brings together beer lovers.

If we want to be purists, celebrating the real Oktoberfest is quite complicated because you have to go to Munich, get to enter one of the tents, sit at a shared table and drink the only “allowed” style of beer, that is, the beer Oktoberfestbier, a denomination of origin that only includes those beers brewed within the urban limits of the city. And it is that to have the label it must strictly comply with the German Purity Law of 1516 or Reinheitsgebot, producing only four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. So strict are these rules that there are only six breweries in Munich that meet the standards.

But of course, we are here, and we love signing up for a good beer celebration. But that's not a problem, because at beersapiens we also support Spanish producers. That is why we offer you several tips to celebrate Oktoberfest in the most genuine way possible with products from local breweries.

Brindar con cervezas de estilos típicos alemanes

Toast with beers of typical German styles

If Muhammad does not go to the mountain…. we can toast with typically German style beers. For example, in our store we have different beers of the German lager style:

  • a Berliner Weisse (we talk about this style here), like the Backflips All Day Long Barcelona, with its flavor acid and low graduation.
  • we can opt for wheat beers, which is also a typical German style. Here we would recommend a White Tusk Hopfenweisse, a wheat beer with Mandarina Bavaria, Polaris and Saphir hops from Queen County Hop Farm (with a delicious citrus flavor and herbs)
  • or the Clean Wheat, which is inspired by wheat beers in the purest Bavarian style, although with a little less body, which makes it makes it much more refreshing and drinkable.

Make it easy: our Oktoberfest packs!

But if you're not sure what to choose, at beersapiens we love to choose the best beers for you. That is why we have created special packs of 10, 12 or 30 beers, with a selection of Craft Beers of different styles, with a lot of personality, flavor and very good drinkability. So you can enjoy the biggest beer celebration in the world without complicating yourself.

You can find all the info here.

Jarras, manteles y decoración para oktoberfest

Jugs, tablecloths and decoration

But man does not live by beer alone, and so that this celebration has an authentic Bavarian flavor, we give you other tricks. It is impossible to imagine Oktoberfest without regional flags, huge mugs and regional costumes. Ok, the latter is more difficult to do at home (unless you have a typical costume... or a costume from the last carnivals). But for very little money you can decorate with the typical colors: white and blue. Look for tablecloths or napkins in these tones, and if they already have rhombuses or squares, it will be perfect!

It is also tradition to drink from huge one-liter mugs. The festival even has its specific jug, with concave circles and 1 liter, which can be easily found in any specialized store.

And something to eat…

Bretzel con cerveza en el oktoberfest

It is a well-known rule: if you drink, you have to fill your stomach first A very good idea to accompany craft beers is to prepare some typical dishes such as sausages (although we can change it for white longaniza or even botifarra), roast knuckle and especially the famous bretzels.

If you want to surprise, you can even cook some homemade pretzels. They are laborious, but don't forget how much fun it is to cook with a cold beer by the side ;)

This is the recipe for 4 people. Ingredients: 250 g wheat flour, 3 g dry baker's yeast, 12 g butter, 140 ml water, a teaspoon of coarse salt, another of bicarbonate of soda.

The first thing is to mix all the ingredients (except coarse salt and baking soda) in a large bowl, kneading until it forms an elastic and manageable ball. Cover with cling film and let rise for an hour, until the dough doubles its volume. Lightly flour the table, knead and divide the dough into six equal portions. We turn each one into an elongated stick, leaving the center a little fatter than the ends, and we give it its characteristic shape. Now comes the most complicated moment of the process, because if we baked this roll directly, it would not have its typical flavor. The crucial step is to dissolve two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda in a liter and a half of water, which we will bring to a boil, and in which we will submerge the pretzels one by one for 20 seconds with the help of a slotted spoon. Then drain them and place them on a tray lined with baking paper. Finally, sprinkle a little coarse salt on top to give them the final touch and bake for 20 minutes at 200ºC, until golden, but without burning. Let cool and enjoy.

And to finish as perfectly as possible, we have also organized a special Oktoberfest online tasting. On October 22 we will be tasting 4 authentic German styles with a lot of personality. The tasting will be directed by a beer sommelier, so you don't miss a single nuance. You can find all the information here. How about inviting your friends to celebrate Oktoberfest like this! A different way and go, in which you will also learn a lot. Prost!!


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