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¿Qué es el IPA Day y cómo participar?

The first Thursday of the month of August, which this year 2021 falls on August 5, IPA Day is celebrated, a collective toast to one of the most emblematic styles of craft beer: the India Pale Ale.

The international celebration of IPA Day is much more recent than we imagined: in 2011, beer evangelists Ashley Rouston and Ryan Cross decided to promote this date through social networks, which spread quickly in the United States until its implementation at a global level.

IPA Day is not a marketing invention, nor is it intended to serve a specific brand, it is an opportunity for all brewers, bloggers, businesses and consumers to connect and share their passion for craft beer, a movement created to unite the voices of the beer market. In addition, it is a date for the entire craft beer culture to join forces and defend beer education and global awareness.

How to celebrate IPA Day?

Anyone can organize their own event to celebrate the hoppiest day of the year: buy the IPAs, gather friends at home and post their photos or videos of the bottles/cans, tasting notes, pairings or articles on the networks social with the hashtag #IPADAY .

Como celebrar el IPA Day

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