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We all agree that Christmas is a very beautiful time of year: the lights in the streets, the smell of mulled wine in the Christmas markets, the sound in the background of the Christmas Lottery draw... But these dates also bring some events that can be endearing or a real disaster.

For example, Christmas carols can set the mood wonderfully or have a killer feeling if this is the thirteenth time you've heard about the fish in the river. That nougat can be a delight in your mouth or take you straight to the dentist if someone forgot to check the expiration date. And what about the typical invisible friend that you organize with your co-workers. Most of the time you will end up with a mug with a funny message. And this with luck. Because if you have had to give Alba, the new girl in accounting, and you have no idea what she likes, it is really difficult to get it right.

Regalo In-BEER-sible

That's what we're here for, fellow brewer. To help you with a very original gift that will leave everyone (including Alba) speechless. Why not give some craft beers? Think about it, it's a super original gift and, in the end, everyone likes to have a quality beer. In addition, all our beers have a beautiful story behind them, which will allow you to explain where they come from, how they have been made or what their main characteristics are. Interesting, right?

Perhaps the only problem is knowing what type of beer to choose, there are so many styles! Don't worry, we will also help you with this. With this mini-test you will be able to know which beer would be the best according to the personality of your invisible friend.

Instructions: Answer the following questions and count which letter predominates in your results: A, B, C, D or E. According to the letter that corresponds to most of your answers, discover what would be the favorite beer of the lucky person you are going to give him.

Which adjective best describes you?

  1. Daring, he is the first to propose things
  2. Friendly, he always has a kind word for everyone
  3. Charismatic, everyone looks at him when a question is asked
  4. Multifaceted, it can help you solve a problem with your computer or write that important email in English
  5. Passionate, in everything he does he gives 1000%

A characteristic that distinguishes it from the others is…

  1. She is very detailed, she never forgets birthdays
  2. He is very dynamic, he is always doing things
  3. His intelligence always finds the solution to problems
  4. He is always to the point, a meeting with him is quick and effective
  5. That he is loyal, he would never betray his companions

Which of these attributes makes you stand out?

  1. His curiosity about him, always willing to learn new things
  2. His kindness is always a support for others
  3. His tenacity, he does not give up even if the obstacles are great
  4. His ability to adapt, no matter the circumstances, he is always able to see the positive side of situations
  5. His strong personality makes him a born leader.

What do you think motivates him?

  1. What's new: if there are no challenges, you end up getting bored
  2. Socializing is the king of after-work drinks
  3. Have clear goals and be able to focus on them
  4. No complications: relax man
  5. The intellectual side of life

Regalo In-BEER-sible

Time for the results!

Majority of A: IPA

The perfect beer for demanding people, with refined tastes (almost to the point of being tasters) IPA lovers are people who seek changes in their lives, project themselves to new horizons and constantly evolve. Likewise, they have a characteristic touch of joy.

Majority of B: APA

A modern American beer adapted from English Pale Ales. A pale gold to light amber Ale that is refreshing and hoppy, still with enough malt support to make the beer balanced and drinkable. Ideal for those people who like to have more than one beer, accompanied by lots of talk and movement!

Mostly C: Stout

They have quite demanding tastes, but that doesn't stop them from embarking on an adventure from time to time into the unknown. They appreciate every detail in life, which is why Stouts are the perfect beers for them.

Most D: Pilsner

It is the type of lager beer originally brewed in the 19th century in the city of Pilsen, west of the historical region of Bohemia, in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire (now the Czech Republic). It is a light colored drink and its alcohol content is medium (3 to 5%) as well as its extract. And it is loved by versatile personalities, adaptable but who like it good and direct.

Mix All Letters: This person may have several predominant responses. Or maybe you have questions about what to answer. Don't worry, we also have the solution. Give him a Discovery Pack, with various styles of beer inside, like this one or this one… and you can't go wrong!



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