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The #VeranoCervecero goes with SARDINES! Whether fried, grilled or baked with garlic and rosemary, this tasty and nutritious oily fish is present in many dishes during the summer because it is light and also because it is easy to combine in different ways: with rice, potatoes or, of course, simply on its own.

Maridaje cervecero con sardinas #VeranoCervecero en el Blog del Beer Sapiens

Their pairing with beers, in general, can start from the point of view that sardines are light fish but with a marked flavor. In addition, you have to be attentive to the way in which the fish has been prepared, to know if its flavor has been enhanced by the added condiments or by the other ingredients and that these do not overlap the flavor of the beer with which it will be made the pairing, or on the contrary, that the flavor of the dish does not fall short of the taste of the beer.

Our style recommendations for a beer pairing are:


a style of beer characterized by its refreshing flavor and possible fruity, citrus or spicy notes. El Cantero Saison, in particular, is fruity, soft and very very rich, with spicy notes typical of the Saison style, bread and banana with a citrus background from the coriander.

El Cantero Saison


a style that generally strikes a perfect balance between sweet maltiness at the start and a dry, hoppy finish with fine bitterness. Bidassoa Adur Imperial Pilsner beer, for example, has everything balanced but on a higher level, in addition to its herbaceous and spicy aromas.

Bidassoa Adur Imperial Pilsner

Indian Pale Ale:

highlights the bitterness of the hops (it changes according to each substyle) and goes perfectly with the fat of the fish. La Ribera Caminito IPA is a modern British IPA, that is, it mixes a bit of North American and English references: aromatically it is full of fruity, tropical and stone notes, resinous and herbal in equal parts. On the palate it is full and balanced.

La Ribera Caminito IPA


refreshing, creamy German wheat beer with a delicate balance between nuances of bread or grain and the spicy and fruity character of cloves and banana. The Yakka Salto del Trigo, for example, is a golden, cloudy beer with 50% wheat and hops more generously than the style itself. Bitter, spicy, fruity, restorative and exquisite.



refreshing Belgian wheat beer, with a dry finish and added spices such as coriander and orange peel. The Quince Salmón Guru Witbier is especially made with yuzu and cardomomo, that is, a super refreshing, drinkable and tasty beer.

La Quince Salmón Guru

Pale Ale:

English style that has a lot of its cultural content in it, that is, a medium bitterness style, the hops provide earthy, resinous touches. The malt profile is commonly bready or biscuit. Bonvivant Pico & Pale Pale Ale is a good example of this style of beer, as it has a slight bitterness that is complemented by fruity notes, making it an easy beer to drink.

Bonvivant Pico & Pale Pale Ale

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