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We have created this Special Pack with 8 Black Beers for all lovers of stouts, porters and their substyles that fill our palates with their roasted flavors of coffee, chocolate and many other delicious notes.


We have created this Special Pack of 8 Black Beers for all lovers of stouts, porters and their substyles (English/Irish) that fill our palates with their roasted flavors at coffee, chocolate and many other delicious notes. Beer styles that are perfect for pairing with blue cheeses, red meat stews or, as a perfect combination, with chocolate, cream or cheesecake desserts.

In the pack we include 1 unit of each of these beers:

  • American Stout: from the Valencians Castrum, American Stout style, and style that derives directly from Porter beers, in fact they were called before "Stout Porter" which would be something like "Strong Porter". This one in particular, being American Stout, has a more citric touch.
  • Porter Báltica: the Murcians Yakka, a recovered historical recipe, is a curious beer, playful as well as solemn. Dark almost black, roasted, caramelized, liquorous and very drinkable.
  • Imperial Stout: from Catalonia created by Vic Brew. Black beer of great intensity and density in the glass. Dense and compact foam. Penetrating aromas of roasted coffee, coffee, licorice and blackberries. Powerful entrance, with a lot of volume.
  • Althaia Batiscafo: the Alicante natives of Althaia bring to the pack a dark brown, almost chocolate-colored Imperial Stout with a lot of body and a creamy and long-lasting head: aromas of cocoa and caramel that combine with the toasted notes of the malts Beer full-bodied, sweet sensation and somewhat liquorous.
  • Dawat Coffee: an Imperial Stout created by the Dawat people from Cuenca, ppowerful and tasty to which a touch of coffee has been added, giving it a very appetizing smell and taste.
  • Scone Nasty de Pastry: from the Cantabrians Scone, an exclusive edition, has been released after spending several months in Pedro Ximenez barrels and Oloroso, leaving marked in its flavor, the touches of wood and adding two natural cocoas and strawberry.
  • Porter: from Catalonia Espiga brings us a beer with aromas of coffee, cocoa, toasted almonds, licorice, black bread, vanilla and toasted caramel, among others. On the palate it is silky and full, with pleasant roasted and bitter flavors thanks to the roasting of the malts, followed by herbal notes from the hops.
  • Stout: from Asturias Ordum they bring this top-fermented beer according to the Irish style with maturation in vats for 6 weeks. Creamy and compact texture. Roasted flavor, comparable to coffee and dry finish.

*When preparing the pack, some of the beers may be out of stock, in which case it will be replaced by a beer of a similar style and price.

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Customer Reviews

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Más económico si lo haces tú

Faltaban algunas que fueron sustituidas por otras en su nivel,excepto La Sagra Mulata que no está a la altura de dicho pack.
El envío como siempre rápido


Pack Cervezas Negras

ivan stevanin

gran variedad y calidad.
cervezones !!
envío rápido como siempre por parte de Beer Sapiens.

David Esteban Julián

Unas excelentes Porters nacionales, con alguna imperial stout de nivel. Y a un muy buen precio :)

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