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We have prepared a Special Pack with 8 Basque craft beers so that you can get to know the local beers of this region.


We have prepared a Special Pack with 8 Basque craft beers so that you can get to know the local beers of this region.

The Basques know how to drink and eat very well, they are lovers of good gastronomy and good drinks and they also dedicate time and desire to it. On a culinary level, its pintxos are famous, with an infinity of possibilities and different flavors, but, in addition to this, other dishes are famous such as cod or kokotxas al pil pil, marmitako, cod Biscay style. And of course, since they like to drink well, the Basque Country has some of the best craft breweries in the country. From those that have won a multitude of international awards, as well as other smaller and more recent ones but with a lot of potential.

In the Pack we have included:

  • An I Au Hazy Rye IPA: a Rye IPA style beer (made with rye) but Hazy, that is, cloudy. A beer that has a medium/high hop flavor, reflecting an American or New World hop character: citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, berry, melon, etc. A slight grainy spiciness of rye malt should be present. Very light, flavorful and moderately bitter, exhibiting American (fruity hints) and New World hop varieties and rye malt. Proposal by Saltus Brewing, marid well with batters, grilled meats, ceviches.
  • Hop Take NEIPA: an elegant, tasty and very silky New England IPA. Straw-colored, cloudy in appearance, very aromatic and with an intense tropical flavor due to the DDH of Citra and Mosaic in its preparation. A slight bitterness appears that is very pleasant at the end of the drink. Proposal of Saltus Brewing, that mdries well with burgers, pizzas, hot dogs. if you add hot sauce much better!
  • Shackeltown IPA: a classic American-style IPA very rich, bitter and with fruity notes. Aroma of fleshy fruits (peach, apricot) with fresh balsamic and spicy notes. The palate shows the intense, persistent and balanced bitterness. Its intense copper color with compact and persistent foam attracts a lot of attention. Created by Mala Gissona, it pairs well with spicy stews, spicy meats and vegetables, fried or seasoned fish, and intense blue cheeses.
  • Red Bay Irish Red Ale: this is a style of beer that we popularly say is “roasted” and is part of Mala's fixed range Gissona. This beer is brewed with barley malt, wheat and rye flakes, which provides a silky/balanced body. The aromas are malty, highlighting caramel and biscuit with slight floral notes. In the mouth, the sensations begin with sweet touches, which give way to floral and spicy flavors with a dry finish. Created by Mala Gissona, it pairs well with toasted nuts, roasted meats, intense spreadable cheeses, and creamy desserts.
  • Agiña Weissbier: a Weissbier-style beer, that is, a classic wheat beer from the German school, straw-colored and cloudy, white foam of medium persistence. On the palate it is light, refreshing with slightly acid notes due to the medium carbonation, in addition to the dry finish. Traditional German-style aromas: balanced cloves and ripe bananas. Made by Bidassoa, it pairs well with tuna, cod, salmon, etc.
  • Russian Imperial Stout: Powerful, with 10.2% alcohol, and very tasty, this Russian Imperial Stout is quite roasted, with intense aromas and flavors at chocolate and coffee complemented by sweet undertones of caramel malts. Slight final bitterness with citrus nuances, delicious! Prepared by Bidassoa, it pairs well with intense desserts of dark chocolate, cinnamon, etc.
  • Arraun Hoppy Amber Ale: beer from the Basqueland fixed range, Amber Ale style, with character thanks to the mixture of six different malts including crystallized malts, which often turns into a beer with malty flavors, ending with a sweet and pleasant finish. In addition, hops are added in Dry Hopping, which gives it more aromas of pine resin and some citrus. Created by Basqueland, it pairs well with Manchego cheese, pizza, spaghetti bolognese or rice pudding.
  • Aupa Pale Ale: beer from the Basqueland fixed range, Pale Ale style made in the Californian style, that is, fruity notes: aromas of lemon, orange, flowers and Pine tree. Very refreshing and hoppy, still with enough malt support to make the beer balanced and drinkable, with citrus, resinous or floral flavors on the palate. Created by Basqueland, it pairs well with cured Manchego cheese, fried chicken or sausages.

*When preparing the pack, some of the beers may be out of stock, in which case it will be replaced by a beer of a similar style and price.

Now there is no excuse for not enjoying the best beers and at the same time helping independent artisan brewers throughout Spain. Become a real #beersapiens

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